Kyphi Incense

A famous incense of ancient Egypt made from a complex recipe and a smorgasbord of ingredients


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Product Description

Kyphi is an incense famous in ancient Egypt, whose recipe is complex but whose scent is heavenly. We are proud and happy to present the kyphi we have recently sourced from one of our favourite makers.

This wonderful line of incenses is based on traditional recipes, developed and fine-tuned by the makers. They are hand-blended, made with herbs, resins, roots, oils and a lot of magic. The makers are witches from near Nottingham who make their products as a fine-quality bespoke cottage industry.

Loose incense is burned on charcoals (shisha charcoals) and smoulder to release their scent. Incenses power up spells, cleanse sacred space and invoke powers into rituals. Of course, they can also be used simply to make the house smell nice.