The Land of the Green Man – Carolyne Larrington

A history of the British Isles, exploring folklore and its myriad supernatural denizens, from fairies to black dogs.


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London: I.B Tauris, 2017. Paperback, xii+252 pages. New.

The Land of the Green Man is a new history of the British Isles – peering beneath the housing estates and high streets to reveal another Britain – a land of mist-drenched forests and wraith-like fog banks, and the wide range of peculiar creatures – fairies, boggarts, elves, land-wights, black dogs and selkies – that lurk, half-unseen, at the periphery of human vision. Author Carolyne Larrington takes the reader on a magical mystery tour of the British landscape; exploring the wide range of folkloric traditions and its many denizens, both rural and urban; from Norfolk’s Black Shuck to Wakefield Cathedral’s Padfoot.

Engagingly written, and highly accessible, The Land of the Green Man tracks Britain’s hidden inhabitants through legend and literature, across an eerie landscape at once both wild and familiar. Illustrated throughout, this is a wonderful book for anyone interested in British folklore and history, and the giants, goblins and other folk that inhabit the land.

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