Maat Magic – Nema

A practical guide to self-initiation and magical development in the Ma’atian magical current.


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York Beach: Weiser Books, 1995. Paperback, xviii+237 pages. New.

The Ma’at Current is a development of Crowley’s current of Thelema which emerged in the mid-1970s in Cincinnati, USA, and aims at the transformation of the human race to its next evolutionary stage via contact with the ‘future self’ of humanity – the entity N’Aton.

Maat Magick – introduced by Kenneth Grant – is a complete manual of self-initiation and magical development within the Ma’at Current. It covers basic magical theory, new aeon Qabalah, daily and occasional rituals, working with the Forgotten Ones – the primordial survival urges that lie in the depths of the magician’s psyche, and sexual magick. It also includes the channeled communication: Liber Pennae Praenumbra.

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