Magical Ink – Purple

A deep purple  ink that can be used with the enclosed  Purple Spirit Spell


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Product Description

This deep purple  ink is for use in writing out your spells, talismans, seals and sigils.  It is  imbued with the essences of herbs, resins and crystals, and is presented in an antique-looking  10ml bottle with a witchy wax-dipped top. I’ts a handmade ink formulated by Steve and Jen,  Staffordshire witches whose home workshop is in one of England’s most charming villages.

Purple is associated with Jupiter in planetary magic. Traditionally, purple ink would be used for drawing sigils and writing out spells for

  • success in matters involving large institutions
  • worldly achievement
  • legal success

With the ink comes a  Purple Spirit Spell, to help you align your true spiritual path with your chosen life path.  If you want to do the spell, you need just follow the simple instructions on the scroll which accompanies the ink.