Mathers’ Last Secret (Revised Collector’s Edition) – Nick Farrell

Number 1 of 111 copies signed and dated by the author


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Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn, 2011. 347 pages, hardback, bound in blue cloth, dust jacket. Revised collector’s edition limited to 111 copies only; this is no.1. Signed, dated and numbered by the author.

Subtitled: The Rituals and Teachings of the Alpha et Omega, this revised ‘scholars’ edition’ is so named because it comprises detailed rituals that have been meticulously compared with those of the original documents, and annotated with copious footnotes.

After MacGregor Mathers was expelled from the Golden Dawn, he embarked on a new direction, more Masonic in outlook than the Stella Matutina. The author has delved into closed libraries and private collections for his research, and this book reproduces many of the ceremonial rituals developed by Mathers in his Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, (more usually known as the A.O.). Illustrated with diagrams of the temple, this comprehensive book will be of interest to both historians of ceremonial Western magic, and to practitioners themselves.

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