Meditation and Kabbalah – Aryeh Kaplan

An exploration of the meditation techniques used by ancient Kabbalists and their present-day application.


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San Francisco, Weiser Books, 1985. Paperback, 355 pages. New.

The Kabbalah is traditionally divided into three branches: the theoretical, the magical, and the meditative. Whilst many books explore theoretical and magical Kabbalah, there has been relatively little published concerning the meditative methods used by traditional schools of Kabbalah. Aryeh Kaplan’s Meditation and Kabbalah fills this gap, demonstrating how many advanced techniques of meditation were essential to the spiritual discipline of ancient Kabbalists. The author gives a lucid and thorough presentation of the techniques and devices used in Kabbalistic schools, and their significance in respect to contemporary meditation research. The author also provides relevant sections from important texts such as the Greater Hekhalot and other works of the Merkava and Lurianic schools, and important Hasidic classics. Combining acute scholarship with eminently practical advice, Meditation and Kabbalah is a useful and unique work for anyone wanting to pursue advanced study in the Kabbalah for magic and spiritual development.

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