Memento Mori – (ed.) Kim Huggens

An anthology of essays, magical and mythological perspectives on death, dying and mortality.


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London: Avalonia Books, 2012. Paperback, 277 pages. New.

Memento Mori is an anthology of magical and mythological essays offering perspectives on death, dying, mortality and beyond. The contributions range from communications from ancestors, an exploration of funeral meals, to death-related practices in ancient Egypt and death in traditional English ballads. Both scholarly investigation and personal reflections jostle shoulders with offerings from a wide range of magical and esoteric traditions, from contemporary practitioners of Chaos Magic to Vodou and New World Spiritism; Psychopomps and the Celtic Underworld. Featuring an eclectic mix of academic and magical practitioners, including Humberto Maggi, Mogg Morgan, Julian Vayne, Kim Huggens, Caroline Tully, Tylluan Perry and the late Michael Howard, Memento Mori is an engaging and enthralling collection of explorations into our attempts to deal with mortality and what lies beyond.

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