Neolithic Shamanism – Raven Kaldera and Galina Krasskova

A practical guide to Spirit and Shamanistic work in the Norse Tradition.


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Rochester: Destiny Books, 2012. Paperback, 342 pages. New.

Subtitled Spirit Work in the Norse Tradition, Neolithic Shamanism is a practical guide to the indigenous spiritual traditions of northern Europe and Scandinavia. Beginning with an exploration of the skills related to the element of Earth, the prerequisites for grounding before proceeding to the more demanding aspects of practice – working with the Sun, Moon, Plants, Animals, and other elements; the authors explain, in a concise and step-by-step manner, how to build relationships with elemental spirits and ancestors, with a wealth of practical exercises such as clearing sacred space using Mugwort, creating an altar for one’s ancestors, or building relationships with spirits via altered states of consciousness. They also explain the ancient cultural rules and taboos which circumscribe and govern spirit relationships. Neolithic Shamanism is an essential guide for anyone seeking to fulfill a shamanic calling or to explore ancestor relationships and spirit work.

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