Odin’s Gateways – Katie Gerrard

A practical guide to the wisdom of the Runes in magic.


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London: Avalonia, 2009. Paperback, 188 pages. New.

Subtitled A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of the Runes through Galdr, Sigils and Casting, Katie Gerrard’s Odin’s Gateways provides a unique journey into the mysteries of Runelore for knowledge and self-empowerment. With a deft hand and lucid style, the author shows how to develop a deep and personal relationship with the energies of the individual Runes. Bringing together the traditional wisdom of the Norse Sagas with practical advice and her own experience, she shows how the Runes can be used practically through methods such as Galdr (incantations), bindrunes, and spellcraft for a wide variety of everyday purposes, from healing and protection to childbirth, sleep, and cursing. She provides a wealth of information and advice on using the Runes for divination, and in addition, explores the history of the Runes from their origins to the modern revival by American and European Rune Masters. An excellent introduction to the magical uses of the Runes and the Nine Worlds of the Norse tradition.

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