On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways – Miguel W. Ramos

A collection of essays on the Lukumi Orisha religion from one of its foremost practitioners.


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Eleda.org Publications, 2017. Paperback, xxxiv+580 pages. New.

On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways, subtitled Obatalá, Odúa, Odudwá is a collection of essays by Miguel ‘Willie’ Ramos, exploring important themes on the current state of Lukumi religion as it experiences its transition onto the stage of world faiths. Weaving together a variety of strands, including fieldwork in Nigeria, scholarship, oral history and traditional sources, Ramos provides in-depth information on the Lukumi Orishas, their myths and legends, and the relationships between them. He also examines in great detail, aspects of Yoruba culture, history and religious syncretism, including the anthropological debate over Yoruba gender fluidity. Illustrated with monochrome photographs of Lukumi shrines, magical objects and religious imagery as well as important personages, this book gives a unique insight into the history and practice of Lukumi and Yoruba culture.

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