Pagan’s Progress – Michael Dames

A mythopoetic  journey through Britain’s ancient landscape.


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London: Strange Attractor, 2017. Paperback, viii+350 Pages, New.

A Pagan’s Progress is a journey into the Sacred Landscape of the British Isles and its rich folklore and mythology. Author Michael Dames brings together folk tales, scholarship, history and myth in this engaging, wide-ranging tour through sacred spaces such as the White Horse of Uffington, and Silbury Hill, encountering the denizens, customs and traditions that weave together and form the basis for our relationship with the land. The presence of the Goddess in her various guises and forms flit between the often lyrical vignettes as Dames peers beneath the Christian veneer which lies so thinly over the ancient tracks and byways of the British, Scottish, and Irish landscape. Illustrated throughout by artist Natalie Kay-Thatcher, Pagan’s Progress is a delightful book that deserves a place on the bookshelf for anyone who wishes to engage with, and reconnect to, the mystery and magic of the land.

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