Pathworking – Ted Andrews

A practical guide to Qabalistic Pathworking for empowerment and self-initiation.


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Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing, 2009. Paperback, vii+383 pages. New.

Subtitled A Qabala Guide to Empowerment and Initiation, Pathworking sets out to provide a complete manual of practical magical work using the Tree of Life. Divided into four parts, Pathworking begins with an introduction to the Mystical Qabala and the ten Sepiroth and how to approach the Tree of Life from a magical perspective – understnading its symbolism and correspondences. Part 2 covers the 32 Paths of Wisdom and all that pertains to them; and Part 3 moves the reader into a practical understanding of how to create and utilize pathworkings and astral doorways. Part 4 of the book covers more advanced material such as ritual movements and appropriate music, postural exercises,  sage advice on grounding and protection, and how to validate your experiences. The book is appended with some guidelines for selecting myths and tales for each of the 32 paths, tonal energies and other useful correspondences.

Pathworking does a good job of making Qabalistic teachings accessible and down-to-earth, and contains some novel approaches that make this book stand out from the many formulaic treatments of the subject.

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