Psychogeography – Merlin Coverley

An introduction to the history and practice of Psychogeography.


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Harpenden, Pocket Essentials, 2010. Paperback, 158 pages. New.

Psychogeography can be a bewildering subject for the newcomer to approach, as it includes a wide spectrum of possibilities, from occult place-making to urban exploration, from Surrealism to the Situationist movement. In this little book, Merlin Coverley provides not only a history of the subject, covering major figures as wide-ranging as William Blake, Guy Debord and Iain Sinclair, but offers pointers on how to practice psychogeography, as well as a few pointers to psychogeographical groups on the world-wide web.

If you ever wondered exactly what Psychogeography was all about, then this book is for you.

Merlin Coverley is also the author of Occult London and The Art of Wandering.

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