Runecaster’s Handbook – Edred Thorsson

A practical guide to making and using the Runes.


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San Francisco: Weiser Books, 1999. Paperback, xiii+129 pages. New.

The word rune means ‘mystery’ and casting the runes enables the user to penetrate the mystery of the relationship between humanity and the divine. From the author of bestselling books such as Runelore and Futhark, Runecaster’s Handbook is a practical and down-to-earth guide to creating and learning to cast the Runes. Beginning with a concise history of the Runes, Edred Thorsson examines the symbolism and hidden meaning of the runes, and provides a wealth of information on how they can be used in divination and ritual, with a variety of layouts and casting methods. He also shows how the runes can be employed for talismanic purposes, how they relate to the Norse world-tree, Yggdrasill, and much more. With a helpful guide to the pronunciation of Old Norse, and a glossary of terms, Runecaster’s Handbook is an excellent starting-point for anyone who wishes to begin working with the Runes.

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