Salomonic Magical Arts – Fredrik Eytzinger

Translation of two eighteenth-century Swedish books of the Black Art.


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Three Hands Press, 2013. Hardback with dustjacket, 275 pages. New.

Salomonic Magical Arts presents the first English translation of two eighteenth-century Swedish books of the Black Arts: The Red Book, and The Black Book. Featuring a range of spiritual powers ranging from Christ to Beelzebub, and a wide variety of over 450 magical formulae, these two works serve as a testament to the popularity of sorcery in Early Modern Sweden. Translator Fredrik Eytzinger provides an extensive account of the history and influence of these two works; the major themes they deal with and their intersection with Swedish folklore and myth. With an extensive Bibliography, index and illustrations, Salomonic Magical Arts gives a fascinating glimpse into the traditions of Swedish folk sorcery and magical texts which will be of value to practitioners and scholars alike.

Limited Edition of 1200 copies in black cloth.

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