Sekhmet & Bastet – Lesley Jackson

A detailed study of the lion and cat goddesses of Ancient Egypt.


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London: Avalonia Books, 2017. Paperback, 248 pages. New.

Subtitled The Feline Powers of Egypt, Lesley Jackson’s Sekhmet & Bastet is a detailed and thorough study of the history, mythology and symbolism of the lion and cat goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Lesley Jackson traces the evolution of Sekhmet and Bastet within the context of ancient Egyptian religious rituals, beliefs and practices, and examines many other related deities, providing insights into the importance of feline deities in Egyptian religious life. She demonstrates how thoroughly feline symbolism and power permeated Egyptian life. Drawing on a wide range of sources, including artefacts, tomb scenes, statues, funerary texts, she also examines the names, epithets and iconography, temples and festivals dedicated to Sekhmet and Bastet, as well as providing a glimpse into the cultural, historical and symbolic worlds within which these powerful deities were worshipped. Scholarly but accessible, with an extensive bibliography, Sekhmet & Bastet is a must for anyone interested in the magic and religious world of Ancient Egypt, and all those who are fascinated with ancient goddesses and their worship.

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