Sexual Sorcery – Jason Augustus Newcomb

A complete guide to Sexual Magick for occult practitioners.


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Product Description

York Beach, Weiser Books, 2005. Paperback, 242 pages. New.

Subtitled A Complete Guide to Sex Magick, this book aims to be a complete guidebook to Western Sexual Magick for today’s occult practitioner. The author treats sexual magick – which has for a long time been shrouded in archaic terminology and allusions – in a refreshingly down-to-earth manner, providing not only a useful overview of the development of modern Sexual Magick in the West, but also deals with thorny issues such as Polarity, Polyamory, and Group Sex. But more than this, Sexual Sorcery is immensely practical, with a wealth of exercises, rituals, and sections on working with Tarot Archetypes, Chakras, the Energy Body and Alchemical Transformations. A must for anyone who wants to bring more magic into their sex life and tap the incredible potential of sex magic for both spellcraft and self-empowerment.

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