Shanar – Virlana Tkacz

A detailed and intimate account of a ritual performed by a Buryat Shaman in Siberia.

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New York: Parabola Books, 2002. Hardback with Dustjacket, ix+182 pages. New.

Shanar: Dedication Ritual of a Buryat Shaman in Siberia as conducted by Bayir Rinchinov is a unique, detailed and intimate account of a ritual performed by a Shaman of the Buryat people of Eastern Siberia. This amazing book  provides a window into the visionary and ritual world of traditional shamanic practice. The officiating shaman, Bayir Rinchinov invited author Virlana Tkacz and collaborators Sayan Zhambalov and Wanda Phipps to attend and document a ritual – the Shanar – in which an initiate makes contact with ancestral spirits and receives power from them. Beautifully illustrated with a wealth of colour photographs showing the various stages of the ritual, the vivid costumes and sacred objects of the Buryat people, Shanar is a fascinating account of shamanic practice, interwoven with many details concerning the lives, culture and history of this little-known indigenous people and their religious practice, a unique blend of shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism. Recommended for all those with an interest in shamanism or the lives of indigenous peoples.

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