Small Cast Iron Cauldron – Pentacle

A small sized cast iron cauldron with a pentacle decoration, perfect for a portable or home altar.


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Product Description

This small sized cast iron cauldron is perfect for a portable or home alter. The pentacle decoration enhances the magical  energy of this item, bringing  in the balance of the four elements and spirit.  Cast iron is very strong and heat resistant, which makes this items perfect for burning loose incense, but it can also be  used for blending herbs, oils potions, or ointments.  Try filling it with water and using the darkened surface for scrying.

Traditional Cauldrons must have three legs; a number which is associated with the three faces of the Moon Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  Be it a mysterious witch’s cauldron, used to brew up a flying ointment in the moonlight, or the cauldron of the Goddess Ceridwen, from which the Awen of divine inspiration springs, the significance of this magical tool is inextricably woven into the magical  lore of Britain.