The Spine of Albion – Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare (signed copy)

An exploration of British Earth Energies and landscape mysteries along the Belinus line.


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Weymouth: Sacred Lands Publishing, 2012. Paperback, xiii+506 pages. New.

The Spine of Albion is the result of a 15-year quest by the authors to uncover Britain’s longest north-south axis – the Belinus Line. Bringing together folklore, legend, archaeology, geology and esoteric wisdom, the authors have unearthed a fascinating history of the primordial power of the dragon energies which circulate through the British landscape. They show how this hidden corridor of power along the physical spine of Britain is both a cosmic axis and, due to its influence on persons both real-life and legendary, has played a key role in shaping the history of Britain.

Lavishly illustrated with a wealth of full-colour photographs and maps, this fascinating book will appeal to lovers of Earth Mysteries and anyone interested in reconnecting with the sacred powers of the British landscape; it’s history, lore, and legends – and how these forces continue to act on our lives today.

Signed by the authors.

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