Splendor Solis: A Consideration – Paul F. Cowlan (signed)

An examination and analysis of the well-known alchemical treatise, the Splendor Solis.


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Alembic, 2016. Paperback booklet, 80 pages. New. Signed by the author.

The Splendor Solis – “The Splendour of the Sun” is a well-known alchemical treatise from the sixteenth century, of which there are twenty surviving copies. Originally produced on vellum, it is richly illustrated, with decorative borders, and heightened in gold. In this short but comprehensive booklet, Paul F. Cowlan offers an exploratory, personal meditation on this unique and beautiful example of Alchemical artistry. Illustrated throughout with full-colour reproductions of from the Splendor Solis, the author examines the dense and rich symbolism of the paintings and their accompanying text. An excellent work for any students of alchemical practice and symbolism, or for scholars investigating the alchemical tradition.

Paul Cowlan has practiced psycho-spiritual alchemy since the early 1980s. . He gives illustrated talks and workshops on the subject, has contributed articles, and has published several  books.

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