Suspira Magazine: The Monster Issue

A new magazine exploring the intersection between monsters and women in contemporary media.


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Product Description

Dreadful Press, 2018. Softcover, 144 pages. New.

This first issue of Suspira Magazine explores the monstrous and demonic through art, photography and text. With contents ranging from explorations of the monsters in iconic movies such Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy; the relationship between women and the monstrous in feminist thought; from fear of the Clown to monster masks; the tension between beauty and the grotesque; horror punk and monstrous alliances and loves in golden age film. Lavishly illustrated in a diversity of styles from engravings to digital art, Suspira: The Monster Issue will delight and enthrall all monster-lovers and lovers of monstrous cinema.

The covers are 250gsm Grenita, interior: 70gsm Holman Trend 2, 90gsm Maxigloss.

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