Taking up the Runes – Diana L. Paxson

A complete guide to using the Runes in divination, rituals, spells and magic.


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San Francisco, Weiser Books, 2005. Paperback, 415 pages. New.

If you’ve ever wanted to know to use the old Norse Runic alphabet for practical magic – divination, rituals or spellcraft then look no further than Taking Up the Runes. It is nothing less than a complete guide to using Runes for practical magic, self-discovery and self-development. Author Diana L. Paxson gives clear and practical instruction on how to make your own set of runes, and how you can deepen your understanding of them using guided meditations and songs.

This workbook caters  for both individuals and groups alike, detailing rituals and spells for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Brimming with history, mythology, and the author’s own anecdotes from her years of running highly successful workshops, this book is a must for anyone who wants to incorporate the runes into their magical practice.

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