Tarot de Jacques Vieville

Flornoy’s re-creation of the major trumps of a rare 17th century tarot deck, from France.  Set of 22 cards, new.


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Paris: Flornoy, Editions Le Tarot, 2013. New.

Vieville’s 22 trumps have been restored from the only known copy preserved in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris. Jacques Viéville was a master card-maker in Paris who was active from 1643 to 1664, his name is considered to be a pseudonym meaning a card-maker from the country tradition who is an old man who lives in town. While the deck is similar in many respects to the Tarot de Marseille pattern, it is not considered by tarot historians to be a Tarot de Marseille deck. It differs from the Tarot de Marseille in the following general respects:

The numbering of the trumps is different. In the view of some, this suggests that the system of trump numbering of the Tarot de Marseille is one of system among several and is not necessarily a primordial system of trump numbering. Also the Viéville cards have no titles.

Some of the trumps have greatly different imagery from their Tarot de Marseille counterparts. In the view of some tarotists, this suggests that the imagery of the Tarot de Marseille is one set of imagery among several existing concurrently.

Those trumps with greatly different imagery are the following:

  • Lightning card (depicting a tree), corresponding to the Tower card
  • Sun card: depicts a male on horseback (This image was the basis for the Sun card in the Waite-Smith Tarot.)
  • Devil card: depicts the devil walking, without the two imps that one sees on the Tarot de Marseille card
  • Hanged Man card: depicts the hanged man upright
  • Star card: depicts a sitting astronomer
  • Moon card: depicts a sitting woman using a spindle

The deck is issued by Editions Flornoy, a well-respected in the tarot press.

Condition:new in sealed box.