Tarot de Marseille – Alexander Jodorowsky

A restored and revised edition of the Marseille Tarot Deck by Alexandre Jodorowsky.


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Marseille, France: Caimon, 1998. New.

The Tarot of Marseilles is a popular tarot deck whose style was a major influence on later tarot designs. It can be dated to the middle of the eighteenth century, when it was engraved by the master cartier Nicholas Conver, founder of the Conver factory in France which first produced the cards. This new edition of the Tarot de Marseille is the result of a collaboration between cult filmmaker Alexandre Jodorowsky and Philippe Camoin, the direct heir of the Camoin family, who inherited the Conver factory. Working from their joint knowledge of the history and symbolism of the tarot, as well as the traditional techniques by which the cards were produced, they have produced a restored Marseille  deck in terms of both its original symbolism, design, and vibrant colour. The cards are accompanied by a multi-lingual booklet, written by Jodorowsky, giving the history of the deck and its interpretations.

This is a beautiful deck for both collectors and Tarot readers alike.

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