Tarot and Magic – Gareth Knight

An expanded re-issue of the famed Treasure House of Images, this classic book outlines techniques of working with the tarot in pathworking, ritual and divination


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Cheltenham, UK: Skylight Press, 2012. Paperback, 237 pages. New.

In this book subtitled, ‘Treasure House of Images’ the author considers how to encounter the tarot card archetypes in pathworkings and rituals. Several different approaches are adopted which can be used to develop familiarity and skill with the Tarot system.

The author is one of the longest-standing students of the mysteries who has also worked as a writer on the subject. Now in his mid-eightes, Knight has been working with the tarot for all of his adult life. This book was originally published in 1986 as The Treasure House of Images, and later re-issued in the USA as Tarot & Magic. This new, expanded edition includes six extra chapters, pulling together many of the new insights garnered over the 25 years since it was first published. A classic of the Western Mysteries tarot is at last- reissued.

Treadwell’s recommends.