Testament of Cyprian the Mage (PB) – J Stratton-Kent

Two volumes. An in-depth practical and textual study for working with spirits in the western magical tradition, the notorious art of Goetia. 


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Scarlet Imprint, 2014.  Two-volume paperback, 266 pages  and 283 pages. New.

Subtitle, “The Book of Saint Cyprian and his Magical Elements and an elucidation of The Testament of Solomon.

This large and rich work explores ‘Goetia’, spirit-summoning within ceremonial magic,  and the author takes an approach which is both scholarly and practical.   Stratton-Kent  creates a clear understanding of  it, and and argues for its value and relevance — he sees it not as degenerate subset of ceremonial magic, but rather an area where ceremonial magic overlaps with folk magic and witchcraft. He uses two old texts to illustrate his points and to explore his themes: ‘The Book of Saint Cyprian’ and The Testament of Solomon’.

It’s about raising spirits, and indeed there are many to meet. Stratton-Kent writes: ‘A primary purpose of this book is to explore the implicit mythology of grimoire spirits.’ The reader unsurprisingly meets these spirits in abundance:  spirit-chiefs, kings and queens; magical animals; the gods of Time; the Sibyl; Asmodeus and Oriens. This veritable treasure trove will take the reader practically into spells, rituals, lunar magics, hygromanteia, the threefold circle and the swarms of incense by night. Approximately 600 pages endowed with charts, tables, seals.