The Abbey Papers – Gareth Knight

One of the living greats of the Western Mysteries guides the reader to build an “Inner” Glastonbury Abbey


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London: SIL Trading, 2002. Paperback, 254 pages. New.

Gareth Knight portrays medieval Glastonbury Abbey  as  a self-contained autonomous zone for all facets of spirituality; a sepulchre of the soul, a space of reception – an enclosure of discovery. This book offers series of teachings and practical meditations to construct an “Inner Abbey” for the magical expansion of both individual and group consciousness.

Gareth Knight is a lifelong student of the Western Mysteries and is one of the successors to the esoteric work of Dion Fortune. He has written extensively on Western ceremonial magic and kabbalah, but his more recent years have been focussed on the spirituality and legacy of Glastonbury and its attendant Celtic and Christian mythos.