The Black Toad – Ron Wyman

An initiate’s understanding of the internal alchemical process and the attainments of the Philosopher’s Stone.


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Oxford: Mandrake of Oxford, 2018. Hardback, 139 pages. New.

Subtitled Alchemy of Body, Spirit & Stone, Ron Wyman’s The Black Toad presents a unique perspective on an initiate’s understanding of the path of internal alchemy towards the goal of the attainment of the Philosopher’s Stone. Bringing together traditional sources and a particular emphasis on the induction of alchemical dreaming, the author shows how the practitioner’s psyche moves through the alchemical transitions and the paths of the Opus Magnum and the enactment of the alchemical will. Weaving together the disparate strands of dream, vision, embodiment and self-development, The Black Toad is a unique work which will be of interest to anyone seeking to understand the profound nature of the alchemical process as a route to self-realization and occult transformation.

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