The Elements of Spellcrafting – Jason Miller

A practical and down-to-earth guide to effective magic.


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Newburyport, MA: New Page Books: 2017. Paperback, 222 pages. New.

Subtitled 21 Keys to Successful Sorcery, Jason Miller’s The Elements of Spellcrafting is a practical and no-nonsense guide to effective and efficient methods of practical magic. Written in a breezy, often humorous tone, Jason Miller explains the key principles and strategies for the successful application of magic to real-world issues and problems. He discusses the most effective methods for setting magical goals and how to define an effective Statement of Intent. He explores how best to apply magical interventions; the pros and cons of both do-it-yourself methods and traditional approaches; how to best create a magical link and how to examine one’s own motivations and the inner dialogues that often prevent the best possible outcomes from manifesting. With useful examples of rituals and spells throughout, The Elements of Spellcrafting is an essential read for anyone who wishes to make effective magical changes to their life and realize their potential.

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