The Fenris Wolf No.5 – (ed.) Carl Abrahamsson

The fifth edition of this ground-breaking esoteric journal.


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Stockholm: Edda, 2012 Paperback, 351 pages. New.

The Fenris Wolf, edited and published by Carl Abrahamsson, is one of the most ground-breaking and thought-provoking of contemporary esoteric journals. This fifth issue features twenty-eight contributions by some of the most prominent of contemporary occulists, such as Genesis P-Orridge, Gary Lachman, Peter Grey and Lionel Snell. The contributions are wide-ranging and thought-provoking, from Patrick Lundborg’s “Such Stuff as Dreams” are Made of – an examination of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest through the lens of the pan-European occult renaissance, to Renata Wieczorek’s review of magical themes in the work of Derek Jarman, and Lana Krieg’s “Sympathy with the Devil” – an esoteric reading of Goethe’s Faust. As a vehicle for demonstrating occultural trends and the intersections between the esoteric, literature, and the arts, The Fenris Wolf is an excellent journal for keeping tabs on the latest developments in contemporary occult thought.

Limited edition of 666 hand-numbered copies.

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