The Fraternitas Saturni – Stephen E. Flowers

An in-depth exploration of the history and teachings of the German magical society, the Fraternitas Saturni.


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Rochester, Inner Traditions, 2018. Paperback, xvi+207 pages. New.

The Fraternitas Saturni, or Brotherhood of Saturn is the most influential and infamous of German magical societies, yet for much of their history, their ideas and methods have remained entirely secret. In this book, Stephen E. Flowers examines the history of the order from its inception in Weimar-era Berlin to its reformation in the late 1960s. He explores the Order’s path of initiation, its secret rituals and magical formulae, and provides biographies of its key members. In addition, he examines the Order’s teachings in relation to Kabbalah, Sexual Magic, and the key principle of Saturn-Gnosis: the interplay of opposing forces in the universe which give rise to the understanding of the individual self as a god-like entity. Flowers also discusses the hidden meanings of the Order’s 33 Grades and the link between the Fraternitas Saturni and Thelema, and reveals the correspondence between Aleister Crowley and the Order’s founder, Gergor A. Gergorius. Illustrated with monochrome plates and diagrams, The Fraternitas Saturni offers a unique window into the beliefs and methods of this important contemporary magical current.

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