The Law of Thelema – Antti P. Balk

An exploration of Aleister Crowley’s concept of the True Will.


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London: Thelema Publications, 2018. Paperback, x+635 pages. New.

Subtitled Aleister Crowley’s Philosophy of True Will, Antti P. Balk’s The Law of Thelema is a comprehensive and wide-ranging exploration of the principles of Thelemic living. The author explores the principles of Thelema through multiple lenses: history, soteriology, epistemology and ontology and ethics, before turning the focus onto matters of praxis, such as politics. The Law of Thelema lets Crowley speak for himself, and explores how Thelema has both similarities and differences to other systematic methods of attainment. With extensive notes, bibliography and index, The Law of Thelema is a thorough exploration of Crowley’s magical ideas, their historical influences and philosophical implications. A dense, yet accessible work which will be of valuable to anyone seeking insight into the depth and scope of Crowley’s works and the contemporary Thelemic current.

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