The Power of Centre – Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare

An exploration of the tribal centres of Celtic Britain and Ireland.


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Weymouth: Sacred Lands Publishing, 2018. large format Paperback, xiv+353 pages. New.

The Power of the Centre is an exploration and journey across the tribal Celtic centres of Britain and Ireland. Examining natural features, mounds, stone monuments, sacred wells, hills, mountains and trees, the authors reveal new information about these sacred sites, including pre-Christian earth and sky goddess worship, seasonal kingship ceremonies, ancient trackways aligned to the cardinal points of the compass, and hidden pathways of dragon force or earth energy. Covering sites both well-known and obscure, drawing on a wide range of historical and folklore sources, the authors show how these sacred centres were linked with earth lines, sacred cosmology, and healing. They reveal new pilgrimage trails, and discuss the importance of psychic questing in the discovery of these sacred and mysterious places of power.

Richly illustrated with diagrams and full-colour photographs, The Power of Centre is a must for all lovers of the British, Scottish, and Irish sacred landscape, and a useful resource for anyone who wishes to explore these sites for themselves.

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