The Rediscovery of Glastonbury – Tim Hopkinson-Ball

A timely biography of Frederick Bligh Bond, architect, psychical researcher and antiquary, who played an instrumental role in placing Glastonbury on the map as a centre of alternative spirituality.

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Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2007. Hardback with dustjacket, xix+236 pages. New.

Subtitled Frederick Bligh Bond, Architect of the New Age, this book is a timely and comprehensive biography of Frederick Bligh Bond; architect, antiquary and psychical researcher, whose work on Glastonbury Abbey – as director of the excavations, did much to promote its recognition as a national shrine and monument, and in so doing, is closely associated with Glastonbury’s contemporary associations with alternative spiritualities and the New Age. In this biography, author Tim Hopkinson-Ball reveals Bligh Bond’s numerous interests. He was both a Theosophist and Freemason, an early pioneer of colour photography, a debunker of false mediums who at the same time championed the importance of psychical research techniques – such as automatic writing and drawing – in his archaeological work on Glastonbury Abbey. Illustrated with 23 monochrome plates, The Rediscovery of Glastonbury is a fascinating work of biography and cultural history which will appeal to anyone who feels a connection to Glastonbury, the revival of alternative spiritualities, and the birth of the New Age movement.


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