The Wicked Shall Decay – A.D. Mercer (signed)

A compilation of charms, spells and witchcraft from old Britain.


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Three Hands Press, 2o18. Hardback with dustjacket, 168 pages. New.

The Wicked Shall Decay, subtitled Charms, Spells and Witchcraft of old Britain is a collection of the more obscure elements of dark folk magics, featuring curses, anti-witchcraft spells and guards against malefic sorcery. Drawing on a wide range of folkloric and grimoire sources, A.D. Mercer shows how such spells were greatly treasured in their day for their efficacy and power, and highlights how many of the practices resemble, in both method and materiels, the very evils they were intended to combat, embodying in themselves the savour of the sinister. Another beautiful production from Three Hands Press, The Wicked Shall Decay documents the hidden traditions of dark folk magic that persisted in England even after the practice of Witch hunting and persecution had died away. A fascinating work which will be of immense value to both scholars and esoteric practitioners alike.

Limited edition of 777 copies in gilt carmine cloth and embossed two-colour wraps. Signed by the author.

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