The Witch’s Spellbook – Sarah Bartlett

A collection of spells, rituals and enchantments to enhance your daily life.


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Beverly, MA: Fair Winds Press, 2018. Hardback, 176 pages. New.

Sarah Bartlett’s The Witch’s Spellbook is a collection of spells, rituals and enchantments for a wide variety of practical and everyday purposes. Beginning with concise and clear explanations of the Lunar and Solar Cycles, the Wheel of the Year, Magical Tools and the ethics of spellcasting, the author describes a wide range of practical and easy-to-perform spells that cover a wide range of contingencies: from self-enhancements; spells to bring about specific changes in life; to dealing with matters of the heart; financial success and protection against negative influences and gossip. Using simple ingredients, astrological timings and correspondences, the author shows how simple, yet effective spellcraft can be used to positively influence one’s life in a wide variety of ways. An excellent introductory book to practical spellcraft and everyday magic.

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