Theory of the Great Game (ed.) Dennis Duncan

A selection of writings from the contributors of the artistic-occult Paris Magazine Le Grand Jeu.


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London: Atlas Press, 2015. Hardback, 191 pages. New.

The Parisian magazine Le Grand Jeu (“The Great Game”) was the journal of a tightly bound group of artists and writers between 1928-1930. It ran for three issues before collapsing due to the tensions between its editors. The group used Le Grand Jeu to express their politico-mystical outlook, which combined a critique of the current parlous state of Western Civilisation with a quest to abandon the individual ego and to reconnect with a Universal Mind. The group’s esoteric programme blended the use of drugs with asceticism, parapsychological practices and revolutionary politics. Theory of the Great Game, edited by Dennis Duncan, brings together, for the first time, the esoteric thoughts and powerful critique of this influential group, which included the practitioner of pataphysics, René Daumal, and avant-garde poet Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.

Illustrated. Decorated endpapers.

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