Treadwell’s Bag

Treadwells bespoke sturdy canvas-cotton bag, perfect for books or shopping. It’s elegant, it’s magical – it’s Treadwell’s.


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Product Description

The long-awaited Treadwell’s cotton-canvas bag is here. It is useful, sturdy and stylish. The elegant cream-coloured cotton is a light canvas,  heavy enough to be substantial, but light enough to fold up neatly.  The handles are long, which is essential for slipping over your shoulder when carrying your books or your shopping. The bag is well-stitched and has a gusset, giving it a 4 cm (3-inch depth), so it really can carry a good quantity, and it is a substantial enough bag to make a good gift for your favourite Treadwells’ fan.

The image on the bag is Treadwell’s mascot, Lady Wisdom from Michael Maier’s 1617 alchemical work, Atalanta Fugiens. Maier wrote about her: ‘This is the all-surpassing Lady Wisdom, who with her right hand penetrates the East, with her left hand the West, and who embraces the whole Earth. He goes on to say that she gives long life and good health, yet she conceals abundant treasures. Her generosity extends to the whole world:‘whoever values wisdom shall be exalted and honoured by Her.’ As our patron, Lady Wisdom epitomises our aspirations and embodies ideals we espouse here at Treadwell’s.


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