Walking Backwards – Greg Humphries & Julian Vayne

A magical guide to the psychogeography of Nature.


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Norwich: The Universe Machine, 2018. Paperback, 115 pages. New.

Walking Backwards, or The Magical Art of Psychedelic Psychogeography weaves together themes from folklore, mythology, magic and psychogeography in order to demonstrate various means to re-enchant the landscape around us, reconnect with nature, deepen our relationship with the spirits of the land. Written in two parts, the book recounts Julian Vayne and Greg Humphries’ experiences of West Country walks that they undertook together in 2010. The first part of the book explores psychogeography and provides practical exercises for walking the land, whilst the second part of the book brings together mythology and the physical experience of walking the land in order to create a song to help awaken the spirit of Albion. Illustrated throughout with drawings and colour photographs, Walking Backwards is a unique work for anyone interested in forging a personal and magical relationship with landscape.

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