What is Shamanism? – (ed.) Trevor Greenfield

An anthology of essays providing a variety of perspectives on Shamanism.


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Winchester, UK: Moon Books, 2018. Paperback, 97 pages. New.

What is Shamanism? is an anthology of essays from eleven established authors and practitioners exploring various facets of shamanism. The latest in Moon Book’s ‘Shamanic Pathways’ series, the essays explore a wide range of subjects related to shamanism: such as healing; the contrast between traditional and contemporary shamanic practice; animism; psychological approaches, to more difficult issues such as cultural appropriation and the search for authenticity. Taken together, they form an excellent introduction to the practice of shamanism and much food for thought for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Anyone interested in engaging with the practice of shamanism and the debates which surround its various aspects in the contemporary esoteric world will find much to stimulate and engage them in this book.

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