Wheels within Wheels: The Judge and the Bishop – Phil Hine (signed)

Third installment in a series of chapbooks from Phil Hine examining the early history of Chakras and Kundalini in Western Esotericism.


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London: Twisted Trunk, 2018. Chapbook, 32pp. New.

Wheels within Wheels: The Judge and the Bishop is the third book in a series by Phil Hine, based on his lecture series at Treadwells on the early history of the Chakras and their passage from India to the West. In this book, Hine compares and contrasts two key figures whose work has been tremendously important in shaping Western understandings of chakras. High Court Judge and ‘Secret Tantric’ Sir John Woodroffe, who in 1918 published the first complete English translation of the Sat-Cakra-Nirūpana, a sixteenth-century exposition of “the system of six chakras” under the title, The Serpent Power; and Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater’s 1927 The Chakras: A Monograph, which was influential on later New Age interpretations of chakras. Hine provides a biographical sketch of both Woodroffe and Leadbeater, discusses their different approaches to their shared subject, and points out areas of convergence and divergence between the two. With extensive notes, bibliography and pointers for further research, this is an excellent work for anyone interested in the passage of esoteric ideas between East and West.

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