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SOLD OUT. Meeting Aleister Crowley and his Magick

Meeting Aleister Crowley and his Magick

Evening Mini-Workshop – Marco Visconti

Sold out.





Tonight is for people curious about the man, his philosophy and his magic. It offers a highlight-filled introductory tour of the key godforms, symbols and rituals which make up Crowley’s system Thelema. Join us for an engaging interactive two-hour evening with imagery, slides, demonstrations and discussion.

Whether you’re an artist exploring sigils and glyphs, or a musician curious about what Jimmy Page is so keen on, or a personal explorer — all are welcome: 20 places only.

Marco Visconti studied Religious Anthropology at Rome’s La Sapienza and Audio Engineering at Milan’s SAE, then worked 15 years as a touring musician, with bands such  as XP8 and Faderhead. He’s been a Thelemite for 20 years, receiving initiation into the A∴A∴, Choronzon Club, and Ordo Templi Orientis: he is currently the driving force behind Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis in Anglia, a thelemic and gnostic church not tied to any particular Order or organisation, but wherein all Thelemites can work together.

A dynamic practitioner with a clear instruction style, he always sells out these engaging and fulfilling evenings. All welcome: no experience required.

Price: £20    Book online below

Time: Arrive 6.50 pm for 7 pm start. Ends 9.15 pm

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SOLD OUT Luisa Casati, the Bewitching Muse

Luisa Casati, the Bewitching Muse

Lecture – Dr Will Visconti



This event is sold out.



Marchesa Luisa Casati was one of the greatest muses and art patrons of the early 20th century, cutting a swathe through the circles in which she moved. Hers is one of the most painted faces of modern art, and hers were the most flamboyant parties in Europe. She was involved, too, in fashion, and treated herself, in some ways, as an artistic creation.

The Marchesa was known as a mastermind of opulent spectacle, but she had a private, esoteric side. In the the enclosed chambers of her grand villas, she studied  and practised the occult arts: necromancy and hexes, divination and binding spells, and more.

In this vibrantly illutrated lecture, Dr Visconti uncovers Casati’s little-know occult practices, and then turns to showing how she incorporated magic and witchcraft into her projects, where the hints are there in plain sight. The occultism even fed into her her identity as ‘a living work of art.’

Dr Will Visconti is a lecturer at Central Saint Martins, and  holds a Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at London’s School of Advanced Study. Join us for an evening where fashion meets magic, where splendour shrouds secrecy – in an unforgettable night.

Image credit: Luisa Casati by Man Ray.

Time: Arrive 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start. No latecomers

Price: £9  Ring, or book online here below

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SOLD OUT. Leonor Fini, Surrealist Sorceress

Leonor Fini, Surrealist Sorceress

Lecture – Dr Sabina Stent

This event is now SOLD OUT.

Leonor Fini (1918 – 1996) was a self-styled high priestess of glamour within the circle of the surrealists, with her her flamboyant costumes and Persian cats — once attending a roof garden party to celebrate the Witches’ Sabbath in “knee-length white leatherette boots and a cape of white feathers”.  Yet she embodied a fierce feminism and lived the life a powerfully committed artist. This lecture introduces her extraordinary life, and looks at her interpretations of female beauty and her legacy. Sabina Stent is an independent scholar who researches, writes and lectures on the subject. Her PhD thesis was “Women Surrealists: Sexuality, Fetish, Femininity and Female Surrealism” (Birmingham, 2012).

Price: £8   Ring, or book online here (tickets below)

Time: 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start

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SOLD OUT – Occult London Walk – Sun 6 Sept

Delianne Forget

London’s secret occult history is revealed in this guided walk through the West End.  Our experienced and knowledgeable guide is  herself a practitioner of the esoteric arts, and she brings the past alive as she introduces the haunts  of London’s magicians, witches and secret societies. Delianne Forget is a registered Blue Badge Guide, the most prestigious award in guiding.  Her knowledge is comprehensive, and she also brings first-hand experience of esoteric groups today.

Price: £10   – purchase your places below 

Time arrive at meeting point 1.45 for 2 pm start to walk. Lasts a little over two hours

Meet at a central London tube station – exact location is in your confirmation email which follows booking.

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SOLD OUT – Robert Anton Wilson

Lecture – Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent

Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) is one of the more significant, yet relatively unsung, influences on modern occultism and pop culture. His books, from fiction such as Illuminatus! and non-fiction works (Cosmic Trigger, Quantum Psychology etc) explore the application of the ‘multi-model’, Gnostic Agnostic approach to both psychology and mysticism. With a revival of interest in Wilson’s work in recent years, both online and on stage, his perspective is ripe for reappraisal.

Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent has been working with elements of Wilson’s magical toolkit for over 30 years, and brings to Treadwells a detailed look at Wilson’s life, his perspectives and their utility for the modern magus.

Price: £7  Ring 0207 419 8507 or book online below
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start

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