Tero started reading the tarot in 1990 as a young man in Finland. In his early childhood he spent many years living in Iraq, where he was exposed to a global community. This sparked a lifelong interest in other people and cultures. A self-confessed Anglophile, Tero moved to London in 2015, and is now active in the Tarot community with a portfolio of clients here in the UK, with a solid reputation among his peers in the field. In his professional daily life Tero is a nurse with a background in neurosurgery intensive care work. He also holds a degree in art therapy and herbal medicine. Having lived and studied in China, Tero is also a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. With a passion for healing, he brings clarity and compassion to even the most challenging situations. Tero’s readings are insightful, focused and clear, offering you a space for you to work out solutions. 

Full hour appointment ₤70 OR Half hour appointment ₤40

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