'Birth of the Greek Gods' II -  Four-week Course
Mon, 22 Nov | zoom.us

'Birth of the Greek Gods' II - Four-week Course

Sasha Chaitow's second Hesiod course: On Sea Gods & the Titans, The Bestiary, Hecate, and the Children of Cronos

Time & Location

22 Nov, 19:30 – 21:30

About The Event

Hesiod’s Theogony and Works and Days, dating from the 8th century BCE, are among the oldest sources of Greek mythology. Their rich personifications of fate, circumstance, and archetypes have inspired countless creatives over three millennia. Claiming his authority from the Muses themselves, Hesiod’s Theogony has been considered a “manifesto” that revealed the origins of the world and its people. His Works and Days contains two of the most enduring explanatory myths exploring the human condition: those of Pandora’s ill-fated box, and the Myth of the Five Ages of Man. Widely disseminated across the ancient world through oral performances, they remain an enchanting quest for explaining the world, human relationships, and the whims of fate.

In this course, Dr Sasha Chaitow explores the magic of Greek myth through Hesiod’s poetry. The lectures follow the structure of the epic, with both performative and academic elements, with each lecture focusing on a new chapter. Each 90-minute lecture will begin with a recital of the part of the poem on which each lecture focuses, illustrated with art inspired by Greek myth through time. This is followed by an accessible academic presentation on the origins and history built into the myth. With Hesiod’s passages as a starting point, she will delve into the ancient Greek landscape and monuments, philosophy and literature, Roman derivatives, Renaissance and Romantic art, alchemical emblems, and survivals within Western and Modern Greek culture to trace the evolution and influence of the myths. There will be time for discussion and Q&A after each lecture.

Herself a native speaker of Greek, Dr. Chaitow will provide insights into the language and culture to resolve common misconceptions and to explore the power of myth as a vehicle for learning and inspiration. An interdicsiplinary author, scholar and artist, she has lectured internationally for 20 years.

The course is organized into 4 parts, with 4 lectures in each. We record the live lectures as they're happening, then post them online. If a student has to miss a session they can still see it on delayed view; equally, students can re-watch any of them until the end of the course. It includes a free pre-recorded introductory lecture that is necessary viewing before commencing any part of the course: Introduction to Hesiod, this lecture contextualises Hesiod, explains key terminology, and provides context for the rest of the lectures.

Further resources will be provided at the end of the course so students can go deeper. The course has its own Facebook group, where people can interact between classes, sharing links, commenting on readings, and making recommendations for one another; questions for Dr Chaitow can be posted there too. Upon completion, attendees will receive a Treadwell’s certificate.

The lectures follow the structure of the epic:

22 Nov. The Sea Gods and the Titans 

29 Nov. The Bestiary 

6 Dec. Hecate 

13 Dec. Children of Cronos

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