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  • How do you choose your tarot readers?
    Readers at Treadwells are here at our invitation, and all have over fifteen years' of study experience. Those we represent are the few who have impressed us deeply, both professionally and personally.
  • How often can I have a reading?
    Treadwell's holds to a three-month rule. We do not allow a client to book a reading more often than once every three months. We feel strongly that divinatory consultatations should not evolve into dependent relationships, and this policy is also an expression our commitment to that principle.
  • What is your tarot code of practice?
    Your Treadwell’s tarot reader respects the broad diversity in human experience: sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity, lifestyle choices, beliefs, religion, psychological challenges and physical disability. Readings are in strict confidence, in a private room Clients will be treated with sensitivity and respect Readers will not cover legal, medical, or financial questions but will instead direct you to a professional Readings will not knowingly be given to clients aged under 18 years All fees are agreed prior to the reading In the rare event that the reader is unable to read for a client, the reader will inform the client promptly, and no fee will be payable A client may terminate a reading within the first ten minutes if it does not suit them, with no fee payable
  • Can my friend / partner come into the reading with me?
    No, but you may record the reading to share afterward.
  • Can I record the reading on my phone?
  • How can I become a tarot reader at Treadwell's?
    We do not currently have openings for new readers.
  • Can I volunteer at Treadwell's?
    We do not have volunteer positions at present.
  • Will you stock my new book?
    We only take on new books in our very narrow niche of esoteric, pagan and occult. We do not stock fiction, healing or New Age titles. If you think your book fits in our niche, send an email description with pricing and whosesale terms, addressed to Carl Holmes at
  • Will you stock my product?
    We very rarely take on on new lines of products, but if you wish to approach us please email us a description along with pricing and wholesale terms, for the attention of Esther Hills at
  • Do you buy secondhand books?
    We do buy secondhand books in the fields of esoteric, pagan, folklore and occult. If this is what your books cover, email us at with a brief description of roughly how many (ten books, or ten cartons of books) and what topics. We will proceed from there. We do not buy books outside our core subject areas. Books may not be brought to the shop without appointment.
  • Do you buy rare books?
    We do buy rare books in our field. Please email us at with a brief description and photos.
  • Do you buy old tarot decks, bric-a-brac and vintage magical items?"
    We do. Please email us at with a brief description and photos.
  • Do you do book launches?
    We do only a limited number of launches per year. If you wish to us to host you a launch, email us at at least four months before the date, and we will consider it if we have availability in the schedule. There is a fee for launches.
  • Do you do book signings?
    Treadwells does not host book signings.
  • Can I run a workshop at Treadwells?
    Our courses and workshops are run on a partnership basis. We are open to considering new partnerships with experienced experts who are also skilled tutors. We look for at least ten years of practice and peer recognition of excellence, and will first need to attend an event to see the proposed tutor in action. We only consider proposals of subjects within traditions of esotericism, pagan practice and the occult. We do not undertake any proposals involving healing or self-development. Those fitting our niche may email for the attention of Christina Oakley Harrington at
  • Proposal for another sort of event?
    We are happy to hear from you, though we can only rarely undertake new sorts of endeavours. Please email Christina Oakley Harrington at
  • Does Treadwells give interviews?
    We do give interviews, depending upon our time availability. Journalists, producers, researchers and students should email the director, Christina Oakley Harrington at, with a short explanation of the project and a contact number; put 'interview' in the subject heading'. We will reply within 24 hours.
  • Can we film at Treadwell's?
    We do make Treadwell's available for filming; location fees apply. Please email us with a short description of the project at, your timeframe, putting 'Filming' in the subject heading. Filming rates and terms will be sent within 24 hours.
  • Can we film a Treadwell's workshop or class for our show?
    It is not possible to film workshops or classes at Treadwells.
  • Can Treadwell's help me find a pagan or witchcraft ritual that I can film?
    This is not a service we provide.
  • Can I film a tarot reading?
    This is not a service we provide. However, you may write to our readers at to ask to film a reading by private arrangement.
  • Do you hire out your downstairs room?
    Yes, for castings, small rehearsals and meetings. Please email us at for rates with 'Room Hire' in the subject heading.
  • Can we film at Treadwell's?
    We do make Treadwell's available for filming; location fees apply. Please email us at with a short description of the project, your timeframe, putting 'Filming' in the subject heading. Filming rates and terms will be sent within 24 hours.
  • Can we hire Treadwell's as a performance venue for our play / show / gig?
    Very occasionally this is possible within certain strict parameters. Please email us at with a short description of the project. Please put 'Performance Space' in the subject heading.
  • How can I find you?
    33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 11 am - 7 pm Saturday - Sunday: 12 noon - 7 pm Nearest Tubes Goodge Street (Northern Line) Tottenham Court Road (Central Line) Russell Square (Piccadilly Line) Parking Store Street has on-street parking
  • What if I cannot attend an event I have tickets for?
    Please email or call us and let us know as soon as possible. With 7 days notice we shall refund you the full cost of the ticket, with 48 hours notice we shall provide store credit, with less than 48 hours notice there is no refund or credit.
  • What do I do if there is a problem with an order I have recieved?
    If your order is incorrect, damaged or does meet your expectations please contact us so we can help rectify any issues. Customers may return items within 30 days for any reason for a full refund of the cost of the item.
  • Why haven't I recieved a tracking number for my order?
    Not all orders provide tracking, standard shipping does not include tracking.
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