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Online tickets give both live access and delayed view link (2 weeks)

  • Ancient Egyptian Magic
    27 Mar, 19:00 – 21:00
    Dr Rebecca Beattie introduces you to some of the key gods in the pantheon, and looks at the history of their worship in Egypt
  • The Magic Knife in 'The Witch’s Tools' Series - Class
    Hannah's lively class teaches the lore of the magic knife as used in grimoires, ceremonial magic and witchcraft. Practical and historical.
  • Joseph Glanvill and Late 17th Century English Witch Beliefs
    30 Mar, 19:00 – 21:10
    London, 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS, UK
    Glanvill's 1681 book Saducismus Triumphatus was a late, great bestseller of the witch hunts; this talk explores the beliefs, the man, the book, and the time.
  • London Witches - Walking Tour
    Sold Out
    31 Mar, 20:00 – 21:30 BST
    Meet outside Farringdon tube Station, London EC1M 6BY, UK
    The witchcraft history of London comes to life in Maria Beadell's night-time tour
  • The Art of Scrying - Class
    Sold Out
    01 Apr, 13:00 – 15:15
    London, 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS, UK
    In-person at Treadwell's, Lucya Starza teaches scrying, the ancient visionary practice of gazing on water surfaces, mirrors, flames and crystal balls
  • Meeting Trickster Gods
    03 Apr, 19:00 – 20:30
    Rebecca Beattie introduces Loki, Mercury, and other trickster deities, with guidance on how to meet them magically
  • Tarot Myths and Archetypes - Class
    04 Apr, 19:00 – 21:00
    Suzanne Corbie's online class explores patterns, symbolic types and explanations of human life which are encoded in the tarot card images.
  • On Blessings
    06 Apr, 19:00 – 20:30
    Spend an evening with Treadwell’s folk witch Hannah Sanders, considering various techniques for the blessings
  • Sigils, Servitors & Possession States - IN-PERSON Workshop
    08 Apr, 13:00 – 17:00
    London, 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS, UK
    Two-day workshop, in person, led by Mark Vincent Smith on Apr 8-9th
  • Spiritual Leadership for Magical and Pagan Groups - Course
    Katie Gerrard's four-week online course on the running of magical groups: April 12th, 19th, 26th & May 3rd
  • Alchemy, the Art of the Philosophers - Seminar
    Dr Sasha Chaitow looks at the history of alchemy, its core ideas and its importance in the long history of Western Esotericism
  • Finnish Folk Magicians - Lecture
    14 Apr, 19:00 – 21:15
    London, 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS, UK
    In person at Treadwell's, Dalva Lamminmäki examines the magical arts of the native cunning folk, healers and seers.
  • Reading the Tarot's Major Cards - Four-week Course
    Adrien Mastrosimone's introductory course with the Rider-Waite-Smith deck major cards. April 17th, 24th & May 1st, 8th
  •  Creating a Magical Servitor - Two-session Workshop
    Two sessions to create a personal magical servitor, with chaos magician Mark Vincent. Runs on the 19th and 26th April
  • In conversation; the druid and the witch
    20 Apr, 19:00 – 20:30
    Dr Jonathan Woolley and Dr Rebecca Beattie discuss celebrations, connection and the wheel of the year
  • Folk Charming Series: On the Use of Eggs
    20 Apr, 19:00 – 20:30
    Delve deeper into the techniques of folk magic and cunning craft. Learn to employ the foundational, household objects which are the basis of much cunning magic found across British folklore.
  • Tarot Spreads, Tarot Reading - 4-Week Course
    20 Apr, 19:00 – 21:00
    Online Course
    Adrien Mastrosimone's new 4-week online course is for tarot learners with some knowledge who want to accelerate their reading skills
  • Mythic London - Caroline Wise's Super-walk
    23 Apr, 11:20 – 14:30 BST
    Meet outside St Clement Danes, Strand, St Clement Dane Church, Strand, Temple, London WC2R 1DH, UK
    Caroline Wise's famed three-hour walk returns, with only nine places to ensure small group experience.
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