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Tarot is Europe’s most important divinatory art. It is beautiful, deep, and historically significant, yet there are few places you can experience it in its classic form. Treadwell’s celebrates Tarot by providing a grounded, intelligent place for experiencing this tradition. We offer outstanding practitioners as our house readers. At Treadwell’s you can have a classic tarot consultation, learn to read the cards, purchase a classic or limited-edition tarot deck, and buy the best tarot books available, in and out of print.


People choose to have a tarot reading for a range of reasons: family, profession, relationships, personal development, and work matters are just a few. Whatever the issue, an ethical tarot reader is always respectful of you and your life choices, as well as according you confidentiality and honesty. Tarot readings at Treadwell’s are held in a private room, so you have complete privacy.

  • If you have come with a specific question, you may discuss this before any cards are drawn. If you are having a general reading, then you clarify this at the outset.

  • Your cards are laid out in one of the traditional patterns, known as layouts.

  • Your reader interprets the overall situation from the meanings of the cards, their positions in the layout, and their relationships to one another. Trends and occasions likely to arise in the next three to six months are identified for you. You have the opportunity to ask for further clarification.

  • Your reader will always discuss strategies and positive actions you can take.

  • You may record audio of your reading on your mobile phone; most people prefer to take notes.


Your Treadwell’s tarot reader respects diversity in sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity, lifestyle choices, beliefs, religion, psychological challenges and physical ability.

  • All readings are conducted with the client alone, unless translation or physical support is necessary.

  • Clients are treated with sensitivity and respect.

  • If specialist information is sought, the reader directs clients to the relevant profession (such as legal, medical, or financial).

  • Readings are not knowingly given to clients aged under 18 years.

  • All fees are agreed prior to the reading.

  • In the rare event that the reader is unable to read for a client, the reader informs the client promptly, and no fee is payable.

  • Clients may terminate a reading within the first 10 minutes with no fee payable


Your reading covers the next three to nine months, and will unfold over that time. To maintain perspective, readings are not given for the same person more than once in three months. We strongly discourage dependent relationships with divinatory consultants, and this policy expresses our commitment to that principle.

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