Treadwell’s presents: Ian “Cat” Vincent in “Science Fiction’s Gifts to Paganism”

We know some of you live far away and for those who live close by, we know it’s not always possible to meet us at our Store Street quarters. So we decided to share a part of our weekly in-house lecture series with you online. The lecture we share today took place at Treadwell’s on February 12, 2015. Our speaker for the night was Cat Vincent, a life long student of the occult who is also interested in pop culture and myth making. In this lecture he asks ‘what has sci-fi given to modern paganism?’. Science fiction explores human and spiritual possibilities through its created realms, its other realities. It critiques our current world and, in some cases, offers inspiration.

So enjoy, be inspired and may you never thirst,

The Treadwell’s Team


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