Treadwell’s Pick of the Week: James Connolly & The Re-Conquest of Ireland

John Callow

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Signed copy. London: Evans Mitchell with GMB & RMT, 2013. Hardback, 304 pages. New.

This is a groundbreaking new study of one of Ireland’s heroes of independence, James Connelly (1868-1916), executed for his role in the Easter Rising.  It is based new light which is shed by the collection of previously-unseen manuscripts, family papers and writings in Connolly’s own hand. The documents were believed lost but lay un-noticed in London’s Marx Memorial Library until rediscovered by the author, an historian.

This is an important re-assessment of the role in the Irish independence movement of the adherents of socialism, syndicalism and left-wing idealism. It casts one of the movement’s core figures in a new light, and forces a serious reconsideration of the political landscape of the period.

Dr John Callow is an historian who has published on early modern Britain, witch hunts, Manx history and on important figures of the political left. He is a friend of Treadwell’s and has lectured here on several occasions.




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