Welcome to Treadwell’s

Dear Treadwell’s friends,

This week has been full of events and good friends visiting from abroad. On Monday we welcomed the wonderful June Peters who talked to us about the Crow Queen. We had a lot of fun and look forward to having her again. Christina is off to Cornwall for the weekend where she’ll be speaking at the Pagan Federation Devon, Cornwall & Channel Isles Spring Conference. Those of us who stayed behind wish the South West Pagan world an amazing time and wave from sunny Store Street.

Next Monday it’s Open Circle time with Ellie and Lisa and on Wednesday Dr Tatiana Kontou will tell us all about Victorian novelist, editor, playwright, actress and spiritualist Florence Marryat. We’re here everyday and the sun is making us happy. Do come by to have a chat and browse the books!


Treadwell’s is both a bookshop and a cultural centre for people interested in esotericism, anthropology, religion and spirituality.

Subjects? Paganism, wicca, and druidry, but also literature, history, culture and classics. We sell secondhand and new books, rare and unsual, as well as bargain finds.  We are a boutique-sized browser’s paradise.

  • Bookshop: wonderful books – in store or in our online shop
  • Events: talks and lectures on paganism, esotericism and courses to learn more
  • Tarot readings: we are famed for our world-class tarot readers
  • Information resource: for scholars, media or writers, and people making personal explorations

The inspiration for Treadwell’s is in part the intellectual salons of the 18th century, and in part the British Library of old, where poets, scholars, poor students — everybody – can meet and discuss ideas. We are open seven days a week, with lectures and events most evenings.  If you are looking for information on any aspect of Western pagan spirituality or the esoteric traditions of Europe, we can help. Ring, drop by, or write ahead.

We look forward to meeting you,

Christina, Kate, Dianne, and Livia