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Learn Marseille Tarot (Minor Cards) – Online Course
Learn Marseille Tarot (Minor Cards) – Online Course

Wed, 17 Apr


Learn Marseille Tarot (Minor Cards) – Online Course

Adrien Mastrosimone's 4-week course teaches students how to read the famed French tarot, focusing on the 56 minor arcana. (Runs 17, 24 April & 1, 8 May)

Time & Location

17 Apr 2024, 19:00 – 21:00

About The Event

In this interactive, well-structured and highly visual course, one of the world’s foremost experts in the Marseille tarot teaches students how to read it.

Hailing from the 17th century, this legendary system is rich with its own meanings and symbolism. Over four weeks, Adrien Mastrosimone delves into its ‘minor arcana’: the 56 suit cards comprising batons, cups, swords and coins. Participants explore principles of colour and  numerology, and gain an effective method for interpreting these images. There’s plenty of opportunity to practise throughout, so by the final session, everyone can perform their own Marseille tarot readings.

Week 1 – Wed 17 April

Introduction to standard playing cards (the key to reading the Marseille tarot)

Week 2 – Wed 24 April

Exploration of the numbered cards

Week 3 – Wed 1 May

Exploration of the court cards

Week 4 – Wed 8 May

Guidance and techniques for reading a 3-card spread

As well as teaching participants how to form powerful questions, Adrien gives a host of methods for linking cards together so they can be read as part of a spread. In the last week, all have the chance to bring personal questions and get coached live on their reading technique, further solidifying understanding.

This is one of the world’s most comprehensive English-speaking courses on the French school of tarot and is suitable for complete beginners alongside those with experience reading other decks. It can be combined with Adrien’s 4-week online course on its 22 major arcana cards (next date to be announced). We recommend doing both, in any order, for a full introduction to the Marseille system.

For this course, you will need both a Marseille tarot deck and a standard deck of playing cards (comprising clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds). The playing cards will be exclusively used in week 1. (For questions about decks, email You will also need a flat space to lay out the cards. All classes are recorded, and able to be viewed by students throughout.

Adrien Mastrosimone was born in southern France’s city of Marseille and is an acknowledged expert in the eponymous tarot. With over 20 years’ experience in the art, he started reading the cards in his teens and went on to study under several masters of this traditional system. Adrien's rigour and personal warmth make him a hugely popular tutor. He is a singer and dancer by profession, having worked for many years in opera and ballet companies across Europe. Website:


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    Please note this workshop starts at 19:00 UK time. If you are attending from overseas please check the timezone difference.




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